Number of women in the UK killed by stalkers and domestic abusers (2015-2017)
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In the UK, there is no existing framework to monitor serial stalkers and domestic violence perpetrators.

Police rely on victims to report such crimes, and connections to an offender’s history of prior incidents is often lost.

Anti-stalking charity Paladin is calling on the UK government to introduce a Stalkers Register to protect victims of domestic abuse and stalking. Under these proposals, serial stalkers and domestic abusers would be tracked, managed, and monitored by police. Police would also be obliged to identify people that they believe to be at risk of serious harm from them, such as a new partner, and warn that person of their history of offending.

158,007 people have signed the Stalkers Register petition in support.*

* number of signatures as of 14th September 2018

Here’s how you can support the campaign.

  • Write to your MP:

    If you are based in the UK, write to your MP. Find your MP by entering your postcode on this site, download this letter template here and email or post it to them. Every letter makes a huge difference.

  • Sign Paladin’s petition to create a Stalkers Register.

  • Phone our free voicemail service on 0800-086-9153 to leave a message of support for the Stalkers Register.

  • If you are being stalked and you are based in the UK, you can call Paladin on 020 3866 4107. If you are based in the US, you can call the Stalking Resource Center at the National Center for Victims of Crime on 855-484-2846.

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